Floor: total thickness 170 mm of which 120 mm is insulation. Laminate and/or vinyl

U-value:  0.27

Walls: total thickness 220 mm of which 160 mm is insulation

Cladding: Siberian larch (25 mm) or Cembrit/Fundermax panels

U-value: 0.22

Roof: total thickness 230 mm of which 120 mm is insulation

U-value: 0.25

Heating/air conditioning: Panasonic Inverter

Electric towel rail in bathroom

Digital water heater

Bathroom:  shower, toilet, ceramic basin cabinet, extractor fan, ceramic tiles on walls, LED ceiling light, mirror with light, vinyl on floor

Kitchenette: sink, mixer tap, 2 glass hobs, fridge, base unit, wall unit, LED ceiling lights, electric sockets

Living: heating/air conditioning unit, electric sockets, TV socket, telephone socket, LED ceiling lights, laminate floor

What's new:
- 10-year guarantee

- No planning permission: maximum height is 2.5m subject to certain conditions.
- Better exterior finish: vertical or horizontal cladding, use of Fundermax panels and dark privacy glass windows.

- Timber frame structure, SIP or solid wood panels
- Free air conditioning (if required)

- Factory built or on site construction

​- Range of sizes from 11.6 sqm to 70 sqm

Lifting the Nano house: with a forklift or a crane

Height: 2.5 m

Length: 5 m

Width: 3 m

Internal area (total): 11.6 sqm

Internal area (living): 7.7 sqm

Internal area (kitchen): 1.5 sqm

Internal area (bathroom): 2 sqm

Weight: about 3.5 tons

Windows and doors

Material: PVC (option to have aluminum or wood), anthracite grey

Double glazed

Tilt and turn sliding glass door (1800 mm x 2050 mm)

Tilt and turn window (600 mm x 2050 mm)

U-value: 1.2


Triple glazed door and window, dark, clear or opaque glass

Choice of laminate floor

Deck terrace


1 room, with kitchenette and bathroom. Internal size.
The smallest available model. The ideal house for a single person or it can be used as  a spare room / office / shop.

Nano House, 11.6 m²