Solid wood panel house, 70 m²

Bespoke Interior

We provide a bespoke interior design service for customers who would have specific requirements. How does this work? You discuss these requirements for your interior layout, fixtures and fittings with our architect and we will design an interior based on your preferences. You can discuss the kitchen, bathroom, wall paneling, appliances, lights, doors or anything else you would like included. Please contact us for more details on our Bespoke Interior Design service.

PODS Modulaire offers a modern and contemporary way of living that combines sophisticated design and style with an uncompromising quality of materials. More importantly PODS Modulaire offers a quality affordable home or extra living space at a great price.

Our buildings are convenient and smart, they are built and installed in just over one month. Our modules are delivered fully finished; pre-wired and pre-plumbed and come with the bathroom and kitchen fully fitted. So you can move in almost immediately. 

The versatile PODS Modulaire can be readily relocated as the modules are easily transportable. ​It can be customised with a choice of fixtures, fittings and finishes to suit your individual style and taste.

How to lay down your house

Our houses are built in a factory and delivered to you completely finished. To lay the house down on your site, you can use either concrete slabs or ground screws (KRINNER). The choice depends on the size of the house. We will naturally be happy to advise you of the best solution for your site and model. Contact us for more information.


We offer three types of insulation; rockwool, polystyrene and wood fibre.

Solid wood panel wall structure

1. Assembled wood panels (internal)

2. Vapour control membrane

3. Wood fibre (loose)

4. Wood fibre (compressed with water repellent)

5. Cladding (external)

Three types of wall

For your complete satisfaction we provide a variety of walls with different insulation. You can choose from three types of wall based on your preferences and budget: Timber frame, SIP or solid wood panel. We value every customer and are always happy to advise on the best solution.

Ready in 1 month

Perhaps the greatest advantage is that it takes only one months to build a brand new PODS Modulaire house. You don't need to worry about finding builders, good craftsmen and materials. You choose the size of the house that suits you, the type of fixtures and fittings you'd like and your house will be delivered one month later. No need to worry about the noise, the dust, clearing and cleaning as a result of having builders on site.


A modular house lives and grows with you. When your family grows or if you need an additional space or another room like a home office, you can simply add another module. The extensions seamlessly integrate to become a natural part of your original house.


This is another feature that conventional houses lack. PODS Modulaire houses can be easily transported, so if one day you decide to move, you can take your house with you. They are also suitable for rural settings, remote off-grid locations and challenging terrain.

Energy efficient

Due to their insulating qualities, our houses use little energy to heat, like any modern house or apartment. It's up to you to decide what heating equipment you require. We offer hanging electric heaters, Panasonic Inverter and wood burner. If required, we can also install underfloor heating or air conditioning. Every detail is well thought-out and designed to perfection. You will not only live comfortably, but you will also benefit from lower energy bills.


Functional Comfort

Our houses are wonderful homes to live in because they are functionally designed with home comfort and modern living in mind. We have gone to great lengths to create a home that is comfortable, stylish and easy to live in.

Standard finish

If you choose the standard finish, we will deliver a house that is functional for immediate use. A standard finish comes with a fully equipped bathroom with toilet, kitchen with all appliances, all the internal fixtures and fittings, your chosen floor, basic lighting, wall sockets and switches, internal doors.

Built to last

When you buy a PODS Modulaire house you buy quality. We did not skimp on the materials and workmanship. With their 220mm thick walls (solid wood panels, timber frame or SIP), our houses are as solid and insulated as any modern conventional house. You will live comfortably all year round.