frequently asked questions

Do I need planning permission?

As a general rule, planning permission is not required as our building are 2.5m tall, they are classified as permitted development. In most cases you don't need planning permission. However if you live in a conservation area and/or if you are going to use the house as your main home a full planning application will be needed. Please ensure you check with your local authority if you need planning permission or not.

What is the price of a PODS Modulaire house?

We offer several models. The price depends on the size of the model that you choose and the type of fixtures and fittings and whether the house is furnished or unfurnished. To request a quotation please contact ushere.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is dependent on the current number of orders. We strive to deliver within 1 month of signing the order and paying the deposit. A deposit of  35% of the purchase price is required upon placing the order. When the house leaves the factory the second installment of 45% is required and the balance of 20% is paid when the house is delivered and installed on your site.

What is the advantage of buying a PODS Modulaire house rather than building my own house?

If you decide to buy a PODS Modulaire house, not only you will save money, but you will also save lots of time and stress associated with building your own home as well as finding good builders and craftsmen. With PODS Modulaire all is solved for you. We use quality materials and expert builders who are used to working with us. The construction of the house in the factory is incredibly fast and when the house is delivered to you it takes about 4 hours to install it on your site. We are quick, dust-free, noise-free and without waste, which you and your neighbours will appreciate.

Where can I see a show house?

To arrange a viewing please ring us on 01225 852002 or contact us here.

What about financing? Is it possible to get a mortgage?

In general banks and building societies don't offer mortgages for this type of house. But it is possible to use other types of financing i.e. leasing. For a full range of financing options please consult a financial adviser or your bank.

It is necessary to have a concrete base to lay the house?

No, it is not necessary to have a concrete base. For stand-alone modules (small model) we can use steel ground screws (KRINNER) or concrete slabs. For larger models it is recommended to have a concrete base.

Can the house be laid on a slope?

Yes and in this case we can use steel ground screws providing the slope is not more than 20 °. We will always advise you on the most appropriate solution depending on the position of your land.

How is the house heated?

There are several ways to heat a PODS Modulaire house. The standard solution is with electric heaters attached to the wall, however, we can also offer the Panasonic Inverter (heating and air conditioning) or a wood burner.

How much power do solar panels provide?

If you decide to have solar panels on the roof, they will provide enough power to heat the water. The house is fitted with a water heater, the water can be heated by solar panels or electricity.

What do I need for the water supply?

Ideally you will need to have a standard water connection to the network but if you have a well or a borehole you can still connect them to the house.

How is waste water evacuated?

The most common evacuation system is a direct connection to the sewer system. Another solution is a septic tank or direct outlet to the stream through a home water treatment plant, which we can provide as an option. The ideal solution will depend on what you are allowed to do on your land, you should check with the relevant local authority. 

Will I need any building equipment?

No. The house is built off-site in a factory and transported on a truck. Once at the site a crane will lift it and lay it down on a pre-prepared foundation. A few hours later it will be ready for use.

Can you build on-site?

Yes, if there is no access to deliver the house we can build on site.

How much do you charge for shipping and installing the house?

We don't charge extra for delivery and installation in England, these are included in the price. There will be extra cost to deliver to Ireland and Scotland. We can give a price if we have the site address.

What is the choice of cladding?

We offer wood or composite like cembrit board

What about ground preparation?

The ground has to be prepared before the house is delivered. We can give you instruction on how to prepare the ground or we can do the job for you at an extra cost. Basically ground preparation consists of bringing the services to the site (electricity, water, sewage) and making sure the concrete slabs are in place to support the house.